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S A G E ✨
This hydrating blend of cucumber, pineapple, blackberry, sage, lime, jalapeño, and aronia berry is a little sweet, little spicy, and a whole lot of delicious. Check out some of the incredible benefits of some of the ingredients below!
Cucumber –
• Hydrating
• Full of minerals such as magnesium + potassium
Pineapple –
• Packed with antioxidants
• Supports muscle recovery
• Helps aid digestion
Blackberry –
• High in vitamin C + antioxidants
• High in polyphenols (proven to help cognitive function and motor skills)
Sage –
• High in vitamin K, magnesium, zinc, copper and antioxidants
• Has antimicrobial effects that aid in killing plaque
• Reduces menopausal symptoms
• Lowers blood sugar + improves insulin sensitivity
Jalapeño –
• Contains vitamin B6 (an essential nutrient involved in over 140 bodily reactions)
Aronia Berry –
• Full of antioxidants
• Boosts immune system
• Anti-inflammatory
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