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Spring 2018 Hair Trends

Fashion doesn’t just stop at clothing and accessories. Fashion is the whole enchilada — from the tips of the toes (we all know how important shoes are!) to the top of your head… speaking of which. Hair is also an essential part of a complete fashion look. After all, with all the styles, colors and accessories, hair can be a fashion statement all it’s own. This week, we explore the top hair trends for Spring 2018:

The “Wet” Look — While you never want to look doggedly drenched, accidentally “caught in the rain,” is the look you should be going for this spring. A juxtaposition of styles (sleek on top with casual curls at the tips, for example) is the perfect way to accomplish this look. Think sexy tousles, hair falling down or a bit “undone” with a wet sheen.

Windblown Hair — Along with the wet look, the windblown look is hot this spring, too. This look has the “just got off the back of a motorcycle” vibe or “messy hair, don’t care” attitude. Natural waves and textures are perfect for this look — nothing too “done,” which again, makes styling this look… shall we say, a breeze?

Braids and Ponytails — Spring hair trends are really forgiving this year and we busy ladies can’t get enough of it! With ponytails and classic plaits making a comeback, we might not have to wash our hair for days! Neat low ponytails are the trend, while all types of braids are big. We’ve also heard scrunchies are back… but do we really want to go there? 

Retro Updos — From Betty Page bangs to wide mod headbands and classy silk scarves in bold colors, throwback updos complete with accessories are all the rage right now. Make “bad hair days” obsolete by tossing a scarf over that bed head and you’re ready to roll! How easy is that?

From a fresh cut, color, style or product, Rolf’s Salon at the SHOPS Gainey Village has you covered  and while you’re at it, stop in to any of our shops to complete your new look with accessories, or a new outfit! Happy Shopping!