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December Fitness

It’s December – and while Thanksgiving is behind us, we have a whole month of holiday festivities and, let’s face it, feasting before January begins and we start our New Year’s resolutions. However, there’s no reason to let fitness and health goals fall by the wayside during this month of celebration. With two fitness studios at the SHOPS Gainey Village, BodyVision and Club Pilates, you can stay on track with health goals!

Regardless of your exercise routine preferences, BodyVision and Club Pilates have you covered. Club Pilates offers members the reformer-based contrology method true to Joseph Pilates’ original vision, combined with a modernized group practice and expanded state-of-the-art equipment designed to give members high-quality, life changing training. All classes are led by experienced teachers who have received hours of training prior to leading a class, and classes are defined by levels — from Level 1: Foundation to Level 2.5 Mastery — so there is truly a Pilates class for every fitness level at Club Pilates. There are intro classes, FIT (functional interval training) and those that target center and balance, and control. Suspension training and well as classes specifically for teens are also offered at Club Pilates. Those who desire a one-on-one experience can sign up for private training, as well.

BodyVision offers a revolutionary high-tech approach to physical fitness. The workouts are divided into color-coded rooms designed to turn each phase into an experience. The BV4-60 program, a one-hour workout is split among these four rooms, offering members a total body workout in just 60 minutes. Each room features upbeat music, motivational trainers and a group atmosphere of like-minded exercisers. Each room features state-of-the-art equipment designed to challenge that room’s specific goals. For example, the blue and green rooms are geared toward cardio vascular fitness — featuring music, 200” HD projector screens displaying music videos or scenic tours around the world, while the orange room focused on strength training via dumbbells, cable machines, stability and bosu balls, and rowing machine and the yellow room features TX training, boxing, med-balls and kettle bells. Combined, these four color-coded rooms offer a fun, fast-paced and results-driven workout!

So don’t feel like you have to wait until 2018 to kick-start your fitness goals, and don’t let your 2017 exercise routine get waylaid by the holidays! Stop by the SHOPS Gainey Village today to learn more.